Guide to Spell Gems

Introduction to Spell Gems:

Spell Gems are items that can be equipped to your creatures in order to allow them to cast that gem's corresponding spell in battle.

Normally, creatures can equip up to 3 Spell Gems at a time, and no more than one of each spell can be equipped at the same time. In addition, creatures can normally only equip Spell Gems that correspond to that creature's class. However, these limits can be changed or removed with the help of certain artifact properties, creature traits, or Deity Point perks.

Spell Gems can have up to 3 properties that change the way the spell works. For example, a Spell Gem of Fireball will cast on two enemies instead of one if it has the 'Casts 1 Additional Time' property. Most properties increase the mana cost of a Spell Gem.

Equipping Spell Gems

To equip a Spell Gem, open the menu and select 'Creatures', select a creature, select 'Manage Spell Gems', then select an empty gem slot.

Casting Spells

Most spells cost a certain amount of mana to cast. Each spell has a base mana cost which can be increased or decreased depending on the Spell Gem's properties.

Some spells can be cast automatically with the help of certain Spell Gem properties or traits. Spells that are cast automatically are typically less potent than they would be if the creature had cast them manually.

Spell Gem Properties

There are 23 different Spell Gem properties that affect the way the spell works. Some spells cannot ever have certain properties, so be sure to check the 'Compendium of Spells' for a comprehensive list of which properties a spell can have.

Later on, you'll unlock the Arcane Refinery. You can use this machine to add new properties to your Spell Gems, or remove the ones you don't want.