Guide to Sigils

Introduction to Sigils: Sigils are one-time use items that immediately summon a pack of powerful enemy creatures for you to fight. The level and gene strength of the creatures is determined at the time you acquire the sigil, and is described in the item's description.

Each sigil has a set of randomized properties that change the way the battle works. For example, some sigil battles might prevent your creatures from receiving buffs, while others might give the enemy creatures additional damage for health.

There are 3 tiers of sigils: Minor Sigils, Major Sigils, and Primal Sigils. The higher the sigil's tier, the more properties it will have and therefore the more difficult the battle will be. Similarly, higher sigil tiers grant better rewards than lower sigil tiers.

Sigil Properties There are several different sigil properties:

  • Enemies are immune to a certain class
  • Enemies are immune to attacks or spells
  • Your creatures can't defend/provoke
  • Enemies have more of a certain stat
  • Enemies have infinite Mana
  • Your creatures start with a debuff
  • Enemies start with a buff
  • Enemies deal more damage
  • Enemies have a chance to resurrect on death
  • Your creatures swap their stats at random
  • Enemies are immune to debuffs
  • Your creatures can't have buffs
  • Your creatures can't dodge/crit
  • Your creatures can't resurrect
  • Enemies have a chance to dodge attacks
  • Your creatures take damage at the start of their turn
  • Enemies recover health at the start of their turn

Sigil Rewards In most cases, you will receive a reward for completing a sigil. However, if one of your creature's levels is too high for the sigil, you will not receive a reward. You can tell if one of your creatures is too high in level by reading the sigil's item description, as a warning will be displayed in this case.

Each sigil also grants additional experience points and resources compared to normal battles. The more difficult the sigil, the better the reward.