Guide to Rituals & Missions

Introduction to Rituals:

Rituals are powerful spells that you, as a mage, can cast. Rituals are most often used to upgrade your castle, hatch eggs, send creatures out on missions, and cast certain enchantments on artifacts.

You can view a list of your current rituals by opening the game menu and scrolling down to 'Character', then select 'Rituals'.

Acquiring Energy

Before you can finish casting a ritual, you must first collect a certain amount of Energy. Energy can most commonly be acquired by defeating enemy creatures, but you can also collect Energy from certain realm events and objects, or by using a consumable item called a Shard.

Completing a Ritual

After you've acquired enough Energy to finish your ritual, you can return to the place where you first started that ritual to complete it. The ritual will be removed from the 'Rituals' menu, and you'll receive a reward.

  • Rituals that upgrade your castle can be completed at the map, located in the same room as Damaos and Hebron.
  • Rituals that hatch your eggs can be completed in the hatchery by interacting with that egg's corresponding nest.
  • Rituals that involve missions can be completed by speaking with Warlord Marcus, located in the same room as Damaos and Hebron.
  • Rituals that enchant your artifacts can be completed by peaking with Sarea the enchanter.

Introduction to Missions

After you unlock the Warlord, you'll be able to send creatures from your stable teams out on missions. Missions grant powerful items and rewards on completion - some of which cannot be obtained anywhere else! The type of reward you'll receive is based on the type of mission you choose to send your creatures out on.

Mission Success Tips

Some creatures are better at certain types of missions than others. You can view each of your creatures' mission strengths by viewing their creature stat sheets.

You are not always guaranteed to succeed in a mission. Your chance of success is based on the creature team's level, gene strength, artifact, and whether or not some of your creatures are proficient at the chosen mission type. In addition, Nether Creatures have a much higher chance to complete a mission than normal creatures.

Types of Missions

There are 8 different types of missions:

  • Raids reward resources.
  • Surveys reward mysterious items.
  • Experiments reward Spell Gems.
  • Exploration rewards experience points.
  • Bartering rewards artifacts.
  • Foraging rewards crafting materials.
  • Hunting rewards Minor Sigils.
  • Pilgrimages reward favor with their corresponding god.