Guide to Realms

Normal Realms

Realms are accessed through the Teleportation Shrine in Siralim. Each realm also contains its own Teleportation Shrine, which allows you to either move on to the next realm level or to return to Siralim.

Although higher realm levels generally grant better rewards, you will not receive full rewards if one or more of your creatures greatly out-levels the creatures in a realm. In this case, the Teleportation Shrine will warn you ahead of time.

Unique Features of Each Realm

Arachnid Nest

Azure Dream

Energy OrbGives 300-400 energy to all rituals
Mirror BallFight a copy of your team. Rewards an Exalted Emblem upon victory
Weapon FragmentCollect all 5 fragments for a random weapon artifact

Cutthroat Jungle

Eternity's End

Arcane SphereGives 300-400 energy to all rituals
Star FragmentsGives power resource

Faraway Enclave

Frostbite Caverns

Great Pandemonium

Kingdom of Heretics

Path of the Damned

Refuge of the Magi

Spell Gem FragmentsCollect all 5 for a random spell gem

The Barrens

The Swamplands

Multicolor MushroomsGives power resource

Torture Chamber

Unsullied Meadows

Pile of GemsChance for a random spell gem

Where the Dead Ships Dwell

Golden ChestMust be unlocked with a key found on that level

Nether Realms

Nether realms are unlocked later on and contain much more powerful foes than are found in normal realms. Enemies found in Nether Realms have extremely high stats, as well as access to new traits.

Nether Realms are both unpredictable and dangerous, but they also grant much better rewards than normal realms.

Artifact Realms

Artifact Realms are unlocked later on and typically contain very weak enemies. They are also much smaller than normal realms.

Artifact Realms take place inside an artifact. Each time you clear a realm level, the artifact will gain 5% Quality, up to a maximum of 100% Quality (20 realms for 100%).

To access an Artifact Realm, you need to unlock the Channeler and bring him a Portal Key.