Guide to Quests

Introduction to Quests:

There are 3 types of quests: Castle Quests, Realm Quests, and Story Quests.

You can view a list of your current or completed quests by opening the menu, then selecting 'Quests'.

Castle Quests

Castle Quests tell part of a story. These quests must be completed in a certain order, and cannot be repeated.

Realm Quests

Realm Quests are optional quests that are given to you at the start of every realm. They are generally simple tasks that grant a decent reward upon completion. In most cases, the only way to fail a Realm Quest is to flee from battle or die.

If you leave a realm, all your Realm Quests will be removed. In other words, Realm Quests must be completed in the same realm in which you receive them.

Side Quests

Side Quests are optional quests that are normally give to you by citizens in Siralim. Many Side Quests serve as tutorials, while others will allow you to unlock rewards that you cannot find anywhere else.