Guide to Gods & Favor

Introduction to Gods:

Each of the 15 realms are ruled by a different god. You can gain favor with each of these gods to unlock new rewards and privileges.

You can view your current standing with each god by opening the menu, selecting 'Character', then selecting 'Gods/Favor'. Only the gods you've already met are displayed here.

Gaining Favor

You can most often gain favor by defeating enemies in a god's corresponding realm, or by completing certain events and quests in that realm. After you gain enough favor to level up, the god will whisper to you from afar and prompt you to visit their altar. Upon reaching the altar, your favor with that god will level up and you'll receive several rewards.

God Rewards

Each god has an altar located somewhere in their corresponding realm. You can visit this altar to exchange Exalted Emblems for powerful items.

At certain levels of favor, the gods will reward you with additional perks and privileges as well.

Alteration Spells

Upon reaching the first favor level with each god, they will grant you their realm's corresponding Alteration Spell. You can cast these spells on your Teleportation Shrine to force the shrine to send you to the realm of your choice.

Deity Points

After you gain a favor level with a god, you'll receive several Deity Points. You can spend Deity Points to upgrade your character or creatures, or to unlock new perks.

You can view and spend your Deity Points by opening the menu, selecting 'Character', then selecting 'Deity Points'.