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How Tos


How do I change my mage's class?

Get to Rank 5 Favor with Yseros, Goddess of Illusion and she will sell you Class-changing Robes for Exalted Emblems.

How can I reset my Deity Points?

Get to Rank 3 Favor with Vertragg, God of Time and he will sell you Potions of Forgetting for 50 Exalted Emblems.

How do I unlock the Fortune Sphere and Arcane Refinery?

This has a bit of a different requirement besides level. You must beat the main story and get to Rank 4 Favor with Zonte, God of Wisdom. Afterwards the Arcane Refinery appears below the Enchanted Brazier

How do I obtain the pages for X Grimoire?

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What Warlord Missions give cores?

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What are the fruit combos in Cutthroat Jungle

Orange x3 summons a Waspid pack

Pink x3 gives you a random realm debuff

Yellow x3 gives a random amount of ritual energy

Orange x1, Yellow x2 gives a Handful of Essence

Orange x1, Pink x2 spawns extra enemies

Pink x1, Orange x2 gives a random realm buff

Pink x1, Yellow x2 gives a Handful of Crystal

Yellow x1, Orange x2 gives a random amount of Torun favor

Yellow x1, Pink x2 gives a Handful of Granite

Orange x1, Pink x1, Yellow x1 gives a Handful of Brimstone

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What floor was X boss on?

* Floor 3: Ceaseless Gladiator

* Floor 7: King Andrick

* Floor 11: Phobos

* Floor 15: Flubris

* Floor 19: Shacker

* Floor 23: Deathwalker

* Floor 27: Scylla and Charybdis

* Floor 31: The unguided

* Floor 35: Judgement and Mercy

* Floor 40: Misery

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