Guide to Creatures

Introduction to Creatures: Creatures can be acquired in one of three ways:

  1. You can extract Cores from enemies and use them to summon a new creature at the Summoning Brazier.
  2. You can breed two creatures to make them lay an egg. The egg will hatch into a new creature.
  3. You can complete certain quests to obtain Cores, eggs, and creatures.

Each creature belongs to one of five classes: Chaos, Death, Life, Nature, or Sorcery. Each creature also belongs to a particular class-specific race, such as the Bat race or the Dryad race. Lastly, each creature has a trait and set of stats that makes them unique compared to all other creatures.

Creature Stats Generally speaking, creatures have 6 main stats:

  • Health: creatures lose health when they take damage. If their health reaches 0, they die.
  • Mana: expended to cast spells.
  • Attack: increases damage dealt with attacks.
  • Intelligence: increases potency of spells.
  • Defense: reduces incoming damage from attacks and spells.
  • Speed: determines the creature's starting location on the Action Queue and increases damage dealt with attacks slightly.

These stats are raised automatically when a creature levels up, but you can also increase stats with artifacts, certain traits, Deity Point perks, and through breeding.

Equipping Your Creatures

Creatures can equip one artifact at a time. For more information about artificats, refer to the 'Guide to Artifacts'.

Creatures can also equip Spell Gems to allow them to cast spells. For more information about Spell Gems, refer to the 'Guide to Spell Gems'.

It is very important to keep your creatures' artificats and Spell Gems up-to-date at all times!

Enhancing Your Creatures

Your creatures gain additional stats when they defeat enough creatures and gain enough experience points to level up.

You can also breed two creatures together to create an egg. The creature that hatches from the egg will have a higher Gene Strength than its parents, meaning its base stats will be increased. Higher base stats cause the creature to gain more stats each time it levels up. Note that, in order for the offspring to inherit the most strength from its parents, both parents should be close to your own level.

Nether Creatures

Nether Creatures are more powerful versions of normal creatures, boasting upgradeable traits that cannot be found anywhere else. You can only have one Nether Creature in your party at a time. They have no class weaknesses, and their damage is always dealt as if their class is strong against that of their target. Nether Creatures can also equip Spell Gems from any class, and can be upgraded by giving them items created at the Nether Goblet.

You cannot breed Nether Creatures. Instead, these creatures' Gene Strength is based on that of the other creatures in your party.