Guide to Combat

Introduction to Combat: Combat pits up to 6 of your creatures against up to 6 enemy creatures. whichever group of creatures kills the other is the winner.

Each time you win a battle, your character and creatures will receive some experience points. You'll also receive some Energy for your rituals, along with a small amount of favor with the current biome's god. In some cases, you'll receive additional rewards as well.

On the right-hand side of the battle screen is the Action Queue. The Action Queue shows the order in which the next 5 creatures will be able to take their turn. The creature at the top of the Action Queue is the creature that is currently taking its turn. After a creature takes its turn, it is normally placed at the bottom of the Action Queue.

Creature Classes: When a creature attacks another creature or casts a damaging spell on it, the damage is increased if the attacker's class is strong against that of the defender.

The following is a list of which classes are strong against each other:

  • Life > Death
  • Death > Chaos
  • Chaos > Sorcery
  • Sorcery > Nature
  • Nature > Life

Attacking: When a creature attacks, the damage is based on the attacker's Attack stat and the defender's Defense stat.

Unlike casting a spell, attacking does not cost mana.

Defending: When a creature defends, it has an increased Defense stat until the start of its next turn.

Provoking: When a creature provokes, it has a decreased Defense stat until the start of its next turn.

When a creature attacks another creature, and some other creature is provoking, the attacker has a chance to attack the provoking creature instead. However, provoking does not affect spell casting.

Casting: When a creature casts a spell, the potency of the spell is usually affected by the caster's Intelligence stat. If the spell deals damage, this damage can be mitigated by the target's Defense stat.

Fleeing: When a creature flees, you and your creatures are immediately removed from battle, safe from harm. If you flee, you will lose some power balance and immediately fail all your current Realm Quests.