Guide to Artifacts

Introduction to Artifacts:

Each of your creatures can equip one artifact at a time. Artifacts can grant their bearer additional stats, new traits, permanent buffs, on-hit effects, and much more.

As an artifact's bearer kills more enemy creatures, its level increases, thereby increasing the artifact's base stats and granting it an additional stat slot. After you unlock the Enchanter, you can have her enchant an artifact to fill these stat slots with new properties.

The maximum artifact level is 10, which means that artifacts can have a maximum of 10 additional stat slots in addition to their base stats.

Equipping an Artifact

You can equip an artifact to a creature by opening the menu, selecting 'Items', selecting 'Artifacts', and then choose the artifact and creature you want to pair together.

You can unequip an artifact by opening the menu, selecting 'Creatures', selecting the creature you want to remove the artifact from, then selecting 'Unequip Artifact'.


The blacksmith and his assistant can be unlocked by completing a construction ritual. The blacksmith can forge new artifacts for you, reforge artifacts to change the values of their properties, and brand artifacts to change their names. The blacksmith's assistant can salvage materials from your unwanted artifacts.


The enchanter can be unlocked by completing a construction ritual. She can enchant your artifacts' empty stat slots with new properties, disenchant your artifacts to remove unwanted properties, and transmute your unwanted crafting materials into different crafting materials.


Materials can be taken to enchanter to add new properties to your artifacts. Materials come in one of three rarities: common, rare, and legendary.

Common materials typically add normal stats to your artifacts, such as Attack or Defense.

Rare materials typically add on-hit effects or buffs to artifacts. You can only apply one of the same type of rare property to an artifact.

Legendary materials typically grant your artifacts new traits, and require a ritual to complete. You can only add one legendary property to an artifact, so choose wisely.

Artifact Quality

Much later on, you'll gain access to an item called a Portal Key. Portal Keys allow you to enter the inner dimensions of an artifact and defeat the enemy creatures contained within. Each time you clear a realm level the artifact will gain 5% quality.

Quality serves as a multiplier for all stats on your artifact. An artifact can have up to 100% Quality, meaning each artifact contains 20 realm levels.